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Emma Aubrey

of Counsel

Emma Aubrey is a highly-accomplished attorney with over two decades of legal experience in both Civil and Criminal cases. Her profound understanding of the law stems from an exceptional lineage and diverse background. Born and raised in Wyoming, Emma observed her father tirelessly working for justice across the state as Wyoming's inaugural State Public Defender. This experience instilled in her a deep appreciation for the role of attorneys in advocating for individuals from all walks of life.

Emma earned her Juris Doctor, with honors, from Seattle University Law School. Her blend of artistic creativity and business acumen has enabled her to deliver innovative legal solutions, reinforcing her passion for the law and her commitment to serving others.

Emma's zeal for providing access to legal resources is further demonstrated by her service on the Board of Directors for the Kitsap Immigration Assistance Center (KIAC) and contributions to Kitsap Community Resources. Listening to her clients is paramount to her, making it one of the most critical skills an attorney can possess. In 2018, Emma earned the Defender Spotlight by the Washington Defenders Association for her successful defense of an incarcerated parent in a termination proceeding. This accomplishment underscores her unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice.

Emma has tried cases across Washington State, including King, Kitsap, Asotin, Pierce, and Island Counties. She has also represented clients before the Washington State Bar Character and Fitness Board. Emma's vast experience, innovative problem-solving, and resolute commitment to her clients are brought to every case she handles. She is licensed to practice in both Washington and Wyoming.

(855) 305-0909

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